Friday, January 8, 2010


It's been a while! The kids are in the living room watching Nemo and eating yogurt - I'm sure it's everywhere by now - oh well. That's what the dogs are for - right? Isn't that why people with kids have dogs - to clean up the messes? It works. Things have With school, church, the girls... everything goes by quickly. I'm loving serving at Elevate Life Church and love even more that I get to do it with Heath. I love being able to go out and do things as a family that make an impact on more than just us. It's a good feeling! I'm off to our Lifesource Christmas party in about 10's our bookstore at church...and yes, I know Christmas is well passed us now - that's ok. The giant knot in the back of my neck hurts now - just a thought - I thought I'd type it since I was thinking it. I'm getting even more random in my thoughts as I get older - not a good thing. I better go....

Friday, March 27, 2009


SO much to say...where to start - Mama (yes, I call her "Mama" - that's nothing compared to me calling brother..."brother") and I went to the arboretum....sounded easy enough. Put the girls in their own stroller- so Emma doesn't get mad that Audrey is in "her" stroller. I loaded up with snacks, water, toys, you name it - I probably had it in that big suit case I call a diaper bag. Mama brought the camera and the extra hands. Well, the first 5 minutes were terrific! We looked at some flowers, went potty - and then we let Audrey out of the stroller. BIG mistake. Once you let her out, she won't go back in! It was a beautiful day full of chasing children, looking at flowers, and snapping pictures while holding the camera close to the ground and doing a running snap. We did get some cute pictures - so I'll think I'll call it a success - just an exausting one.

Monday, February 23, 2009

My addiction

Emma was sitting on the bed with me this weekend. I, of course, had a coke. Out of nowhere, she said that she couldn't wait to grow up. "Why?" I asked. "So I can drink coke," she said. So, then and there, I realized the severity of my addiction. My little girl wants to grow up so she can drink coke - nice. Good job, Mom.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

My Panties Are Dirty!

So, Heath took Audrey and Emma to the ENT yesterday - all by himself. He had the option of only taking Audrey and leaving Emma with the sitter, but he decided that he missed his sweet little girl and that he would take on the challenge of bringing them BOTH to the doctor. For those of you that don't have two small children, let me paint a picture for you...2 LOUD girls, running, laughing, screaming, grabbing things , talking about things you don't want to discuss with other people (loudly), and other very annoying things. Heath got them all loaded up in the car, got to the doctor's office, unloaded, got up to the counter - and that's when all hell let loose ...

Here is Heath, Audery in his arms trying desperately to get down, and Emma standing next to him. Emma decides that instead of telling her Daddy that she needs to go potty that she will just go in her pants- why not!? She pees ALL over herself and the floor in the doctor's office! Audrey is going crazy screaming and wiggling...Heath drags them both to the bathroom (with everyone watching) only to discover that Emma has left her bag in the lobby and HAS to have it. He leaves her in the bathroom and takes Audrey out to the lobby with him to the bag. At this point, Emma is screaming across the office that her panties are dirty! He gets everyone, and everything, in the bathroom and remembers that he really has to go potty himself. He puts Audrey on the floor - he goes. Audrey then discovers the potty and gets PEED ON!

Heath told me this story yesterday and I died laughing! What an adventure! And all before even getting to see the doctor! I'm sure he thought everyone smelled REAL GOOD.

Audrey is getting tubes sometime next week. At least something was accomplished out of all this mayhem!

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Really? These kids will take care of me some day!?

What is wrong with these kids today?! I don't ever remember being this rude or disrespectful to my teachers. Sure I skipped school and didn't always turn in my homework, but I didn't curse at them or refuse to do what they told me to. AND these parents! Quit making excuses for your child! YES, they did do it and YES the teacher is right. Get over yourself. Sometimes I want to videotape these kids doing what they do and then show it to ALL the parents at curriculum night. And seriously - who comes to curriculum night. Nobody cares. Nobody cares enough about their child's education to care about what we are teaching them...well, maybe a couple parents. But those parents are the ones with the kids that don't need any help. Whew- I'm frustrated.

AND - I just went to the restroom and instead of locking the door - I turned off the lights instead of locking the door? I've got problems...

I'm going to my two meetings after school and I'm going to drink my 3 cokes today and then I'm going to go run, like 5 miles - I'll probably thinking nice, happy thoughts the whole time I'm running......

Ear Infections..not fun

We are now on the 7th week of Audrey having an ear infection. I'm so not excited. We are getting the opportunity to visit with the ENT at the end of this one. Two surgeries in three months, I'm not excited about our future hospital bills!

All else is going well. Emma's throat healed perfectly and no signs of strep! Church was great last night - gotta love some Pastor Keith!